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Professional Grade 3 in 1 multi function device. (strongest on the market)

Low Frequency Ultrasound Therapy, EMS - 4 level electro muscle stimulation, and 4 medical grade LED light therapy settings.



An at-home treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing from the plumping effect of Ultrasound vibrating at 90,000 waves per second to activate skin metabolism and regenerate skin cells. Output is the same frequency as a laser device but the energy is low so it does not damage the skin like the heat from a laser.

Time Master PRO works as the ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, known as "cascade of inter-cellular communication." It strengthens and lifts. As you move the device your skin will feel tighter, almost immediately. As you pass the treated area, and throughout this process, oxygen to the cells increases and removes wastes in the pores.

The non-thermal (no heat) action of ultrasound is beneficial because of the rapid oscillation of tissue promotes movement between inner and outer cells and increases fibroblast activity necessary for increased collagen formation. The result is the complexion is plumped up with new collagen (this pushes the folds of the wrinkles out) and new elastin (this helps to tighten the skin and give it more bounce.)

LED Specifications: Blue is 470nm, Green is 520nm, Red is 650nm, Infrared is 940nm. Blue wavelength penetrates to 1mm, Green penetrates to 2mm, Red wavelength penetrates to 3mm, Infrared wavelength penetrates 5-10mm


BATTERY: AFTER being fully charged. the battery will hold it's charge for 2 hours (this may vary) before needing to be recharged. EMS (electro-muscle-stimulation) Depending on your skin sensitivities you may or may not feel the EMS tingling sensation. This is low energy EMS so as not to over stimulate the muscle but gently improve tone. The power levels of 1 - 4 only controls the EMS. The LED function is in addition to the Ultrasound Therapy . MUST use conducting gel with LED. The Time Master Pro has the following LED specifications:Blue is 470nm, Green is 520nm, Red is 650nm, It also offers FLASHING which some reports indicate penetrates LED even better. Blue wavelength penetrates to 1mm, Green penetrates to 2mm, Red wavelength penetrates to 3mm. Device measures 7 inches tall x 1-3/4 inches wide x 1-1/2 inches deep. The round head of device is 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Very light weight at 3-1/2 ounces. IN THE BOX: Time Master Pro, charging adapter, screw driver for changing the battery (battery included), printed instructions - Sculplla H2 Promoter Collagen Gel. WARNING: Strict adherence to instructions is necessary to prevent injury. Purchasing this device means you assume full responsibility for use and you hold Snatchedbypaulyblanch and its subsidiaries harmless for any injury from misuse or failure to follow instructions. ADDITIONAL CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use the Time Master Pro with any other electronic medical devices(s), such as: Pacemakers and other implanted type electronic devices, pump-oxygenators and other electronic medical equipment designed for sustentation, electrocardiographs and other electronic medical devices to be worn by the patient or an implant or an intrauterine contraceptive device. Do not use the Time Master Pro without prior approval from your healthcare practitioner if are/have: Pregnant or menstruating Tumor Thyroid problems Metallic implants Infections Open wounds or sores Temperature over 100.4 Fahrenheit Cardiac health conditions Extreme hypertension and cerebral infarction Contagious dermatitis En-topic dermatitis Enigma Herpes Folliculate acne Furnculous Carbuncle General lupus Hepatitis General sclerosis Madison’s Disease Bleeding illnesses or Injuries as ultrasound will increase blood circulation


How to Use: Charge machine PRIOR TO first use until the GREEN LIGHT indicates it is FULLY CHARGED. The charging will automatically stop, and a GREEN light indicates it is fully charged. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Unplug from charger to begin use. During use, the device has an automatic timer and will shut off every 5 minutes. This is a SAFETY FEATURE. It is not broken and the device is working as it should to ensure you treat both sides of your face, neck, and décolletage, 5 minutes each side. Do not use longer than 10 minutes for entire treatment - and no more than 4 times per week. Turn on Power - Using the "power" button, choose intensity level of Ultrasound with each press. It is best to start at lower intensity. Depending on your skin sensitivities, after continued use, your skin will adjust to the ultrasound and if you felt a tingle in the beginning, it will become less noticeable to unnoticeable. 1: Sensitive skin 2: Normal skin 3: Normal to slightly thick skin 4: Thick skin 5: PRESS AND HOLD POWER BUTTON TO TURN OFF Apply conducting gel to treatment area and move device in slow circular movements. Do not use without gel. Reapply gel as needed to keep the treatment area conducting. Using the "LED SEL" button, choose the LED mode: Blue LED: Excellent for acne, kills bacteria, helps to calm sensitive skin. Green LED: Even pigmentation, skin brightening and soothes skin. Red LED: Increase blood circulation, induct collagen, overall anti-aging. Multi LED: All combined for lifting and tightening. Flashing is highest frequency. Multi- Flashing LED: For lifting and tightening. Output is highest frequency. Contraindications of Time Master Pro: For external use only and not to exceed the recommended maximum of 10 minutes Do not use on broken skin or skin with inflammation, weeping or soreness or on a severe sunburn Should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing Do not use over metal pins and plates Consult a physician before using with pathological skin conditions, a heart beat regulating medication / heart complaints, have a pacemakers or other battery operated and electrical implant, or if you have a neurological disorders including epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, cancer, autoimmune condition, diagnosed heart condition. Not for use on or by children between 12 and 17 years old without parental supervision and not recommended for children under the age of 12. CLEANING: Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water to clean this device. (NO SUBMERGING IN WATER) Do NOT use alcohol or harsh chemicals to avoid tarnishing device. Warranty/Maintenance: The manufacturer warranty is one year from purchase. Replacement due to manufacturer defect only. Warranty does not cover improper use or breakage from dropping device, using the device without conducting gel, or from the IMPROPER USE by using while plugged in with the charging cord.

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